Meditation has become a buzzword over the last several years, but what exactly is it? Meditation is a practice to slow the thoughts in the mind and to increase awareness of self.

In the United States, we are constantly on the move and have a thousand things to accomplish throughout the course of the day. The word stress for most adults is an understatement. Taking a few minutes each day for yourself to try and quiet the mind can bring several benefits.

Here are a few ways daily meditation can improve your life:

  1. Stress Reduction: taking the time to try and slow the mind has shown significant reduction in overall stress and allows for a better regulation of emotions and thoughts.
  2. Increases Happiness: meditation can improve your self awareness and acceptance of situations, others, and self. This in turn increases your happiness.
  3. Enhances Concentration: according to studies, meditation has been linked to increases in memory and overall focus.
  4. Increases overall health: meditation encourages making healthier lifestyle choices. Regular meditation is shown to support an increase in immune function and cardiovascular health. Lastly, with all of these benefits many people say they feel as if it has slowed the aging process.

There are many ways to meditate such as: coloring, focusing on breathing, yoga etc. If these don’t strike your fancy try finding a meditation video on the internet. Just a few minutes a day can bring about numerous benefits. It’s definitely worth a try.